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    Yandex.Connect is a platform designed for collaboration and communication between employees. Yandex.Connect includes enterprise versions of Mail, Disk, and Calendar, as well as a host of new services, such as Wiki, Tracker, Forms, and Chats.

  • Organizational Mail for your domain
  • * Convenience Unlimited volume of each box Mail with the domain of your organization Contacts of all employees are always at hand - in the address book API for integrating with your systems
  • * Control User-friendly interface for managing all domain settings You yourself control the connected services. New employees are automatically added to all necessary mailings.
  • * Security Maintenance-free: Yandex engineers are responsible for it around the clock Yandex technologies for protection against spam and viruses Mail protection from unauthorized access Two-factor authentication and anti-hacking login history Manage and block employee mailboxes
  • Disk
  • * Trusted Storage
  • * 10 GB Storage Per Email ID
  • * Upload The maximum file size on Yandex.Disk is 50 GB. Using the browser, you can upload files of any size up to 50 GB. However, to upload files larger than 10 GB, we recommend using the Yandex.Disk program (Windows version, MacOS version, or Linux version).
  • * Access to files and folders on Yandex.Disk Any files and folders in the Disk root directory or your personal folders can be shared. To share an email attachment, copy it from the Mail attachments folder (on the Archive tab in the left panel) to the desired Yandex.Disk folder.
  • * Desktop program Yandex.Disk 3.0 combines the features of the experimental Disk 2.0 and the classic Yandex.Disk desktop program. In the new program, you can work with files on your computer, syncing only the folders and files you need. Other folders and files are displayed in the program but are stored only in the cloud. You need an internet connection to access them.
  • * Priority support
  • Forms
  • * Questions of any type You can include a variety of questions in the form - with a text input field, several answer options or a rating scale. It is possible to show a person different questions depending on how he answered the previous ones.
  • * Ready-made templates For some tasks, there are ready-made forms - for example, for registering for an event, collecting feedback and questionnaires from applicants for a vacancy. It remains only to publish the form.
  • * Full order with answers You will receive structured answers - instead of free-form messages, from which it can be difficult to extract the necessary information. Any field in the form can be made mandatory - in order to be guaranteed to have data that you can’t do without.
  • * Results wherever convenient Respondents' answers can be obtained in XLSX and CSV format - for later analysis. You can also send requests to the mail, collect in a separate queue Yandex.Tracker or on the wiki page .
  • * For customers or for employees Create a form for everyone or give access to it only to colleagues. Inside the company, the form can be useful in the hiring process, when making vacations and business trips.
  • * The form is easy to post on the site Get a ready-made code to embed the form on the site, or give a link to it from a letter, post on a social network or any other message. In the settings you can specify the date after which replies will not be accepted.
  • * Create tasks in Tracker The form collects answers, and the Tracker creates new tasks on their basis. Such tasks can be created even by people who are not in Connect. This is a convenient way to receive service requests and collect error messages.
  • * Keep Wiki Answers Set up notifications to issue answers using the wiki markup and save to a separate page. Such forms can be used to register participants for an event, collect feedback and conduct surveys.
  • Calendar
  • A calendar with the company's address book, which makes it easy to find co-workers and plan meetings based on their schedules.
  • Admin tools
  • Configure organization settings and manage employees, departments, and teams.
  • People and teams
  • Departments show the hierarchical company structure. This structure is managed by admins. Teams allow coworkers to form task groups independently of the department structure.
  • Tracker
  • Manage tasks and projects: distribute resources, assign responsible employees, and monitor progress.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • * VAT/TAX/AIT Exclusive and as on government rules
  • * Payment 100% charge has to be paid in advance along with the work order.
  • * Delivery Project completion lead time is minimum 02 days after receiving the payment.
  • * Email Support Any kind of technical and admin assistance;
  • * Desktop Support MS Outlook Setup Charge Onetime BDT 2,000/- (Inside Dhaka MP City/User/If require) (Outside Dhaka at actual travel cost will be add)
  • * Order Quantity minimum 10 email
  • * Changes of Rate Price set by Yandex, if any change in price then adjust will be proportionately.

Key takeaways

– 10 GB Storage Per Email ID
– POP and IMAP allow flexible access
– It is scalable (storage, users)
– It has customizable solutions for business (chargeable)

Yandex.Mail accounts can be set up conveniently in desktop and mobile email program (as well as in other email services). Professional email, online storage, video meetings and other business tools to transform the way you work. Pricing starts as low as ৳1,000 per user per year.




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